Your home is your sanctuary


And as such it should be a place to be enjoyed - a place you can release and effortlessly enjoy the comforts of home without worrying about the functionality of a poorly designed kitchen or feeling uninspired and unmotivated due to an outdated home office. Hart Design Studio can work with you to dream, plan and create a personally tailored space to suit your needs while bringing sophisticated beauty into the home via the interior environment.

I work closely with each of my clients to determine their exact needs and wants for their home remodel project and deliver a boutique design experience without clients forking over tens of thousands of dollars for the service. I believe everyone should live surrounded by beauty, and it's my goal and my duty to deliver that for a reasonable price, because the more money you spend on a designer, the less money you have to execute your dream space. I provide transparent pricing in all of my services and do not believe in extravagant product markups when sourcing materials and furnishings for my clients.

If you're looking to make a change in your home, or even your business, I can work with you from start to finish of the design process making your dream home a reality. From kitchen remodel to a ground up house, no project is outside the realm of possibility.