My name is Jonathan Hart and I am the owner of Hart Design Studio. I strive to innovate and create the greatest, thoughtful and detailed interiors and have been designing sophisticated and personally crafted design solutions to clients throughout the Puget Sound area since 2012. I have a diverse background and experience in the commercial interiors world having worked in store design for the Starbucks Seattle concept team and now working for a local architectural firm in Tacoma with a focus on K-12 schools. Outside of my commercial career I have been doing private residential interiors ranging from bathroom and kitchen remodels, to entire homes for nearly five years.

I live and breathe the arts - outside of designing I spend my free time engaging with local community theaters, painting, writing and drawing. I bring this passion for creativity into my work and draw on a colorful array of life-experiences to re-imagine the interior environment. If you're looking to make a lifestyle change via your home - the most personal of all your spaces - then you've found the perfect match. I work intimately with each and every client to deliver exceptional designs and help you re-define your interior lifestyle.

I've got my measuring tape in the car, so go ahead and give me a shout. I'd love to talk about your next project.

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